Fire Protection System in UAE

Fire Protection is the study or practice to protect from the effects of destructive fire and its related emergencies. It also includes the research and development and testing of fire alarm systems.

Fire protection system combines different firefighting equipment and processes to keep your property or building safe from destructive fire. Fire protection equipment includes fire alarm system, fire extinguisher and sprinkle systems to avoid the building from heavy damage caused by the fire. When these systems are combined it ensures that your property or the building is completely protected.

Fire Protection Components

Active Fire Protection

This fire protection component contains the manual and the automatic detection of fire. In this fire protection system, fire protection equipment are installed such as fire alarm systems or fire extinguishers. The fire alarm systems used in the buildings can be manual, automatic, one stage fire alarm or two stage fire alarm system.

It is highly recommended that fire alarm system and fire extinguisher should be working all the time. The owner of the building or the one in charge must maintain the system in an operative condition and must replace any defective system.

Passive Fire Protection

Passive fire protection is the fire protection component in which the firewalls and fire rated floors are installed which does not let the fire to spread throughout the building.

Passive fire protection is commonly used these days and it is considered as the best fire protection system being used. The installation of firewalls and fire rated floors are commonly used to protect the house or building to catch fire and if any case it catches fire it does not let it spread further. Fire protection inside a structure is a system that depends on the majority of its components. The structure that is planned in consistence with the local construction regulation and fire code by the consultants. A structure license is issued after survey by the Authority Having Jurisdiction.

Fire Protection Education

Education regarding the fire protection is the compulsory component. The building owners or operators must have knowledge of operating the fire protection system and they also should have know-how about how to perform while fire safety plan.

In short a fire protection system is very important component for the safety of a building whether it’s a shopping mall, hospital or school. If we neglect fire protection for a building we are making a huge mistake because the lives of those who are at the hospital or at the shopping mall for shopping or our children at school are at higher risk. In this regard, while the construction of the building the builders should use passive fire protection system.